Monday, June 1, 2009

Cleanse Day Eight & Done

I've decided to end this "cleanse" after today because it just doesn't feel like I'm accomplishing much cleansing. My eyes felt great for a couple of days but are back to the same old dry, gritty, sensitive state. I've been on fruits and vegetables only, with no added fats. I've also been resting and napping everyday which has been great, so there's something, but what I've come to realize is that with so much fruit in my diet I need to make more time for daily exercise to use up all that sugar. This type of cleanse for more than three days doesn't feel right for me so I'll end it today & attempt a stricter cleanse later this summer. I'm also trying to get more exercise into my daily regimen which is a goal as worthy as cleansing.

Today I saw my holistic doctor & had bloodwork and urine analysis to check among other things my thyroid, hormones, liver, & tumor markers. I'll post again when I get the results of those tests later this week.