Friday, February 8, 2008

My Nutritional Protocol

I've developed this regimen over time and it looks very different from the "one-size-fits-all" protocol that was prescribed to me when I went to the hospital in Mexico. I think each individual needs to investigate their own possible deficiencies, absorption problems and/or toxic metal loads before being sure of what their bodies need to heal.

I've highlighted the items I will probably always take, although the amounts may change. The rest of the supplements I will gradually eliminate as my body continues to heal. Once I've completely detoxed from the heavy metals and my deficiency and absorption problems have been resolved I should have no problem getting everything I need from my plant-based diet.

So here's my protocol (everything in bold will likely be followed for the rest of my life):

• I start the day with a 2-ounce shot of wheatgrass juice, which cleanses and oxygenates the blood. It also helps to pull heavy metals out of bodily tissues.

Greens, greens, and more greens! I put greens and fruit in my morning smoothie; I eat a large salad for lunch, and dinner always involves greens and other vegetables in some form.

• I've transitioned to more raw foods (vegetables, fruits, sprouts, juices, nuts, seeds and flax, coconut and olive oils.) The change has been gradual and natural. I'm usually 100% raw until the weekend, at which time I'm at least 80% raw. I put no pressure on myself to adhere to a certain percentage; rather, I feed my body what it asks for. I still crave rice, beans, bread, eggs, steamed veggies, etc., but as I continue with more raw food, these cravings may diminish. In fact, I no longer crave dairy or sugar as I once did. I can replace cooked grains, legumes and beans with their sprouts and grasses, and breads can be replaced with raw, dehydrated crackers which I'm still experimenting on. If I find that those cravings never diminish then I’ll happily continue with an 80 – 100% raw diet.

There are many reasons for raw foods, but that's a whole other report on its own. I believe that virtually everyone would benefit from replacing some percentage of cooked and processed foods with raw foods, and the more the better. Knowing what amount will work best is an individual investigation that takes time.

• I do a weekly cleansing fast; a monthly three-day fast, and a seasonal five to ten-day fast. I started regular fasting after my condition had remained stabilized for several months. The long fasts may vary in duration. My longest fast so far has been five days, and my upcoming Spring fast will be seven days. In the Summer I intend to complete a ten-day fast. Fasting helps my body rest, detoxify and rejuvenate itself.

When I started consuming more raw foods and fasting, my tumor markers finally started to plummet. The internal purification taking place has led me to want more raw food and less cooked, and I am much more in tune with the actual needs rather than the addictive cravings of my body. Our bodies are vibrating in energy, and I feel my rate of vibration has increased due to the gradual release of physical, emotional and spiritual toxins.
For more info on fasting, check back for my report soon to be published.

• I don’t always have time to make fresh juices everyday (except for the wheatgrass which only takes ten minutes, including clean-up) so I often use a green powder “super food” drink, which is very convenient. I’ve used so many different ones and found two that I like. One is called Greens First (as far as I can tell it’s not available anywhere except online at and the other is called “Perfect Food” by Garden of Life. The first one is very palatable while the second one is more potent, so I mix them together.

Enzymes with & without meals. For more information on enzymes follow this link to my report: Enzyme Therapy for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

• 25mg Iodoral (iodine plus iodide) to address a deficiency. Most Americans have an iodine deficiency and don’t know it. Read the book Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It, by Dr. D. Brownstein. In it you will learn about the link between iodine deficiency and various cancers and other illnesses.

If you ask your doctor for a test to check iodine levels, you will only find out if you have enough iodine in your system to support your thyroid, but the mineral is needed throughout the body, including the breasts, ovaries and prostate. You can contact an independent lab such as FFP Lab at or 1-877-900-5556 to arrange for iodine “spot” and “loading” tests to determine the level of saturation in your body’s tissues.

I’ve also been tested for heavy metals & have high levels of mercury & several other toxic metals. Iodine will help displace the metals from my tissues, although it could take up to a year to do so. Maybe not, since I've increased my chlorella with daily wheat grass juice - 2 - 4 oz.

• ATP co-factors to facilitate delivery of iodine into the cells (300 mg Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, plus 1500 mg Vitamin B3, also known as niacin).

Antioxidants: 3000 mg Vitamin C; 400 I.U.Vitamin E and 200 mcg. Selenium.

• 1000 mg AHHC mushroom extract as an immune stimulator. I hope to be off this soon & have recently started adding fresh aloe vera gel in my morning smoothie which serves a similar purpose and is much cheaper at $1.59 per leaf. I get it at the Mexican grocery store down the street from where I live. They sell the entire leaf which is sometimes as long as three feet! The gel inside remains fresh and most mornings I cut off a chunk, remove the outer skin, blend my smoothie, stop and add the gel before pulsing the blender a few more seconds until completely blended.

• 3000 mg fish oil extract for the healthy Omega-3s.

• 4 gms Vit B12 in the form of methylcobalamin for easier absorption. I have a B12 deficiency also, no doubt due to the heavy metals, and the fact that my consumption of animal protein has always been on the low side.

• 400 mg Magnesium.

• I drink distilled, purified water with a liquid mineral complex added. I'm researching other pure water sources and this might change.

I was also taking intramuscular injections of laetrile (a natural chemotherapy made from apricot pits) but recently stopped because my body has been rejecting them by causing pain and swelling at the injection site. We need to give our bodies more credit for their innate intelligence.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Healing Rituals

I've been asked what I mean when I say that I'm focusing on healing. How does that work, and what are “healing rituals?” It's true that much of my energy is devoted to taking the best care of myself that I possibly can. In the process I've developed a shift in priorities and perspective. I no longer consider my healing rituals – which are the therapies and practices that have helped me rebuild my health - as necessary burdens that prevent me from doing other important things. What could be more important than reclaiming my health and strengthening my spirit? The daily practice of my rituals no longer has an "expiration date" that coincides with remission, and I look forward to a long, productive and healthy life enhanced by them. Aside from my plant-based diet and food preparation, here are some of my ritualistic highlights:

• 20 minutes of stretching, which releases toxins from bodily tissues.
• 5-10 minutes of daily vigorous skin brushing to remove dead skin cells and stimulate my lymphatic system.
• 20-30 minutes of rebound exercise on a mini trampoline, plus 2-minute sessions throughout the day. (Check back for my report on lymphatic cleansing with rebound exercise).
• 40 minute daily session in infrared sauna for whole body detoxification. (Check back for my report on sauna use).
• Daily affirmations and introspection (or prayer, if you will).
• Daily journal writing.
• Daily meditation.
• Deep breathing exercises several times throughout the day.

To read my report on holistic healing follow this link:
A Holistic Strategy Against Cancer

Cancer 101

To anyone reading this who has just been diagnosed with cancer, I’d first like to say two words: “Don’t panic!” Cancer is not a death sentence and as long as you are breathing you still have a functioning immune system that can be strengthened, allowing your resilient body to heal itself. Believe it!

And by the way, don't ever claim ownership of the cancer by calling it "my cancer", unless you want to keep it.

Many people have asked me what I’ve done to reverse my Stage IV metastatic breast cancer without orthodox treatments. The short answer is that I’ve done many things, beginning with educating myself about how to provide the body, mind and spirit what it needs to heal naturally.

I’ve used many, many natural therapies and supplements, but what I believe to be the single most important aspect of any healing regimen is diet. Proper nutrition will enhance all the other treatments, whereas a poor diet will delay or prevent healing.

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, or any other chronic illness, you would do yourself a great favor by considering the role your diet plays in helping or hindering your healing efforts. It’s not likely that your doctor will advise you on nutrition because s/he has not been trained in that area.

We’ve been accustomed and conditioned in our society to expect quick fixes in the form of prescription drugs or toxic therapies; however, these treatments address only the symptoms (tumors and metastasis) while ignoring the underlying imbalances and needs of the body. In order to heal, toxins must come out of the body. Ingesting toxins will never allow the body to heal itself.

Here are just a few suggestions to begin cleansing your body:

If you are addicted to the Standard American Diet (SAD) you should immediately eliminate the worse offenders, including sugar, refined grains, hydrogenated oils and trans-fatty acids. If you drink alcohol, use recreational drugs or smoke cigarettes, quit.

Avoid drinking tap water, carbonated beverages and caffeine. Instead drink filtered water, herbal teas and fresh, organic juices.

Some important foods that should be added to the diet include fresh vegetables, especially the leafy greens like spinach and kale, fruit, raw and unsalted seeds and nuts, unheated olive oil and flax oil, as well as coconut oil for cooking.

Try to add more raw foods as you reduce your intake of cooked and processed foods.

These are just a few tips to get you started. For more information and inspiration visit the following websites:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cancer Free!

Really great news today. I had a PET Scan last week & saw my doctor for the results today. There were NO findings of any cancer in my body! No big surprise to me but it sure was good to hear the confirmation.

I still have these nodules, but they are diminishing & are actually dead cancer cells. Now my body has the task of dissolving and eliminating them. My oncologist is still cautious about using the word "remission" & instead says I'm doing remarkably well. I don't want to use that word either because it implies that the cancer is still lurking somewhere in my body, waiting to show itself again. Instead, I will declare now that I am cancer-free!

I will continue with my regimen that has allowed my body to heal, & with that there's no chance of a recurrence. In three months I'll have another blood test to check the tumor marker, which is now in the normal range. I think my doctor secretly expects it will go up again because he doesn't fully understand my regimen. I, on the other hand, expect the number to continually drop to zero.