Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Story, in a Nutshell

I'm interested in writing about nutrition and natural healing, including diet; cleansing; supplements; phytonutrients; water; meditation; affirmations; exercise and all aspects of healing mind, body and spirit. My knowledge comes from five years of ongoing research into alternative medicine and my own healing experience.

I am a breast cancer survivor. Originally diagnosed in 2002, I rejected all conventional treatments and instead opted for alternative therapies which I researched myself. For 3+ years I was cancer-free while remaining diligent to my protocol. Gradually, I returned to old habits and bad dietary choices until 19 months ago when I was diagnosed with a stage-4 metastasized recurrence of breast cancer. I learned the hard way that I had to make life-long changes for optimum health and healing.

After returning to alternative therapies and becoming more aggressive about my research I again rejected chemo and radiation. I also went to a hospital in Mexico for natural treatments, and within three months the cancer stopped spreading. I've been stable for nearly a year. I'm being monitored by my oncologist and all tests and lab reports continue to show steady healing and withdrawal of the cancer.

I have no limitations, physical or otherwise, due to the cancer. My health is excellent - in fact robust - in every other way. I'm routinely asked for information about my self-designed protocol and am gratified when I'm able to help others. I'd like to spread the word that cancer is not a death sentence, and that it's possible to live and thrive with it as the body heals itself. I'd also like to remove some of the stigma associated with cancer. To that end I've been writing a book about my experiences and healing regimen. Portions will periodically be posted here.

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