Thursday, February 14, 2008

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The Laetrile Saga, Part II: Cancer Therapy and Medical Duplicity

The Laetrile Saga, Part I: Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Iodine Deficiency and Its Link to Diseases in the Body

Whole Body Detox (Part 1): Lymphatic Cleansing With Rebound Exercise

Whole Body Detoxification (Part 2): Fasting

Whole Body Detoxification (Part 3): Far-Infrared Sauna Use

Whole Body Detoxification (Part 4): The Coffee Enema

A Holistic Strategy Against Cancer

Enzyme Therapy For Cancer Prevention And Treatment

Thermography: A Safer Option for Breast Cancer Detection


Cristina Negru said...

I am a 39 yo woman, have had some brest pain and did not want a mamogram after reading your Healing Journey went for a thermogram - I also did a spine MRI and have to cervical discs that may explain the breast pain. I loved reading a bit about your journey. Where can I read more. Also do you have and links to specific, recent and sound studies comparing thermogram to memograms. Thanks, Cristina at

Mary Laredo said...

Hi Cristina -
Thanks for your comments. I hope you're finding the answers to explain the pain you're experiencing.

At the end of my report on thermography are links to my sources. Here's another one that lists some compelling research: . There's also a lot of information on the web about a study in 2002 that reported the sensitivity of thermography as compared to the dismal false negative & positive rates of mammography. Even the NCI acknowledged this fact. I believe it was reported on 60 minutes that same year. (I could be wrong about the year, but it was reported on 60 Minutes).

I'm glad that you enjoyed reading my posts - keep checking back for more updates. I don't have as much time as I'd like to post everyday, but I will answer specific questions about my journey. I'm working on my book and you can read the whole story when it's published, but in the meantime feel free to contact me as I'm always happy to pass along any information that might help. Salud!

BWell Clinic said...

I run a wellness center in Santa Monica, BWell Clinic, and I just wanted applaud your efforts to use natural therapies to treat your illness. We are big advocates of detoxification, sauna-based detox, IV vitamin and mineral infusions, and heavy-metal chelation. If you would like to find out more about what we do, our methodology and treatments, feel free to contact me:

Megan Dahlgren

Steve Caruso said...

Just a note on your #4. The Essene Gospel of Peace is a 20th century work, not a 3rd century Aramaic text. No such manuscript exists in the Vatican's collection, and the translation is certainly not of Aramaic origins.

Steve Caruso
Author, The Aramaic Blog

Mary Laredo said...

Hi Steve. I appreciate your comment to clarify the origin of this quote. My source is the book by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, "The Gerson Therapy" which states:
"...the Essene Gospel of Peace, a third-century Aramaic manuscript found in the secret archives of the Vatican, strongly advises about the taking of enemas in the following manner..."

I haven't read the book myself but have read from other sources that it's a 1937 translation by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, Ph.D.,of Aramaic manuscripts that he found in the secret vaults of the Vatican, believed to be from the 3rd century. Perhaps I should read the book myself. In any event, it makes a strong case for the use of enemas:)

Raj said...

I just read your article on coffee enemas on natural news. I see that you believe in the Gerson Therapy and also you must believe in the healing powers of raw foods and vegetarianism.
There comes the issue of vitamin B12 which is not available to vegan vegetarians. I have done a lot of research to find any veg sources of B12 in vain.
I heard that B12 is produced in the large intestine of animals and humans(from fermentation) which is why animal feces have a large content of B12. So the body produces it after all, but researchers(or rather people who are hell bent on proving that veg is bad for you) say that it cannot be absorbed by the body as it is way beyond the colon.
Why am I telling you all this !!! :-)
Because from your articles this caught my attention "Without entering the digestive tract the caffeine is absorbed through the bowel wall, via blood vessels, and makes its way directly to the liver."
So if coffee can make its way to the liver then I am pretty much sure that B12 can make its way up to the liver too.
Many have pointed out that grass eating animals have high content of B12 in their livers. How did it get there?
A "biased" reasoning given is that these animals are eating their own shit. In other words their own droppings and B12 in the soil enter their system with the grass. I know it sounds absurd that is why I quoted the biased.
I am just putting forward this theory to you as you can do something more about it and share it among people like you have a voice.
It can promote research in this subject and finally lay this B12 issue to rest.
I am from India and know of many Indians who are vegan from ages and have never suffered from a B12 deficiency.There are sages that only eat fruits and vegetables and do not show any signs of B12 deficiency.
Please explore this theory a little more and spread the word.
Thank You