Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long Time No Post

My winter crops

It’s been such a long time since my last post and lately I’ve received emails from people wondering how I’m doing. Well, I’ve been doing great – just too busy to even think about posting. Since this is day one of my spring cleanse I decided that now would be the perfect time to resume posting. I was going to wait until after the holiday on Tuesday but when I woke this morning I felt ready and eager to begin.

Allow me to back up a little bit before I get into my cleansing plans. First, for those who have asked - I’ve been cancer free since January 2008, just over one year now! I have my tumor markers checked every 4 months and last time the reading was at 17, which was great news because the normal range is 0–40. I’m due for my next check-up in early June, and my next thermascan will be in August. (If you’re not familiar with thermography you should be! It’s an alternative to mammography which you can read about in my report below this post. I've mentioned it before on this blogsite and I'll continue to do my best to get the word out about thermography).

My diet is still “high-raw”, which in my case means that 95-100% of my food is uncooked: fruits, vegetables, greens, sprouts, nuts, seeds and juice. Last year (or was it the year before? I’m losing track) I had blood work as well as hair and urine analysis and found out that I had high levels of heavy metals including mercury in my system. These toxins were interfering with my body’s absorption of nutrients and the test results also revealed that I had an underactive thyroid, hormone imbalances and many deficiencies, including iodine, vitamin D and iron.

I had all the mercury amalgam fillings removed from my teeth (they were over 25 years old and releasing vapors into my system). I’ve also been taking natural supplements (versus synthetic) and although it will take my body time to rebuild there is improvement with my thyroid which now tests normal. In June I’ll see how I’m doing with the other deficiencies. The point I’d like to make here is that I should have been tested for toxins and deficiencies when I was first diagnosed with cancer – especially iodine and vitamin D. That would have aided and likely sped up the healing process.

Even though I’ve been doing great I’m ready to take my health to the next level. I still have residual nodules on my neck, although they’re much fewer in number and barely noticeable now. My back was completely covered with these nodules when the cancer was still spreading but it's now completely and beautifully smooth and clear. The oil glands in my eyes are still clogged (I don’t understand the connection but that condition came with the cancer) and my eyes are still extremely sensitive to bright light – especially sunlight. I believe that with periodic cleansing these conditions will improve as my body continues to heal.

The winter was long and cold and I got into the habit of eating dense foods far too often – nuts, seeds and avocados – especially around the holidays when I made rich nut-and-date-based desserts. Not surprising this type of food took a lot of energy for my body to digest and my stamina declined. I resolved to do a spring cleanse to clear out the winter debris and congestion and increase my energy levels.

In January I started growing wheatgrass so I could have 2–4 ounces of the potent juice daily. That’s helped with cleansing but there’s nothing like a fast to really re-boot the body. I’ve looked forward to a rest and a fast, especially since I’ve been way too busy, sleeping less and feeling run down for more than a month. Last week my eyes were so tired that I burst a blood vessel which turned half of my eye dark red. It looked horrendous and caused my already sensitive eyes to be even more so. I wore shades for nearly a week. That episode and other signs of fatigue made me eager to start a fast.

I don’t know yet how long or what type of cleanse I’ll do, but I’d like it to be at least ten days with a few days of fasting. Today I’m doing the Master Cleanse fast, which is lemonade made of fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne and water. (Because of the maple syrup it’s not raw, but is mineral-dense). I drank one quart today and felt wonderful. I didn't experience any hunger, perhaps because yesterday I ate only fruits and vegetables without any fats, in preparation of the fast.

Sunday and Monday I plan to eat only fruits and vegetables, (no fats), followed by a water fast of one to three days and plenty of good rest. I’ll gauge how I feel each day and plan accordingly, and I’ll post regularly during the ten-day cleanse. That’s it for today.

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