Friday, March 19, 2010

Juice Feast, Days 22-24

All is still well. My eyes are unchanged, and I've experienced no detox symptoms. The days are going by quickly and I don't think about food at all since I'm not the slightest bit hungry. There are days in fact when I feel as though I'm drinking too much juice - that my body doesn't require so much. Today was one of those days. I drank about 3 1/2 quarts, about one quart more than I feel is optimal for me. Every few days or so I drink this much juice just to be sure I'm getting enough variety.

Here are a couple of basic juices that have become my favorites:

1. parsley/celery/cucumber/green apple/kale
2. spinach, romaine, carrot

There are so many combinations I've tried but I always come back to these two.

I've been using a Hurom juicer since my Norwalk is on the fritz (it's impossible to destroy a Norwalk, but I found a way! It can be repaired, but I haven't gotten around to it). Anyway, the Hurom is OK, but not all that it's cracked up to be. After reading several glowing reviews and watching it demonstrated on various sites I was dissapointed in its performance.

It's fine for most fruits, carrots and simple greens, but anything stringy - like celery, or even parsley - will clog up the fiber chute. So if anyone reading this is planning on using a Hurom, make sure to add these in very small amounts, followed by carrot, or something very juicy like cucumber. If you want to juice a big bunch of celery or parsley, you have to take your time, and definitely keep your eye on the pulp chute.

You also must strain the juice through a nut milk bag. This was hard for me to get used to because I was spoiled by the Norwalk, but it's really not a big deal anymore. Even so, this step should at least be mentioned in the demos, or the instruction booklet, but it isn't. The juice is pretty good though and it takes a little less time than the Norwalk.

Just four more days of the juice feast, then it's on to smoothies and juices for...I don't know how long. I love juicing but I'll be glad to get some fiber back into my life.


zendietitian said...

I know it's a little late to comment here, but I have been using an Omega vert juicer regularly for the last 5 months, and it is identical to the Hurom. When juicing anything with long strings (almost all leafy greens, celery, asparagus), cut them into about 1" strips and it will not clog your juicer. Your Norwalk is probably up and running by now, but this is just an FYI from advice given to me before purchasing and my experience. I have never had mine clog, and have been loving the speed at which it juices. I hope your juice feast went well! Did it bring you the healing you anticipated? I am on Day 5 of my first juice feast, and am finally feeling like I have the energy boost everyone is talking about minus the hunger. I was even able to get through an intense Pilates jumpboard class this morning! Good luck on your healing journey!

Cameron VSJ said...


I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?