Saturday, January 19, 2008

Update to "My Story in a Nutshell"

On January 16, 2008 I received the good news that my tumor marker is now within normal range. This wonderful news may mean that I'm in remission, although my open-minded oncologist - who has been monitoring me even though I'm receiving no orthodox treatments whatsoever - hesitates to make that declaration just yet because I still have skin nodules on my upper body. In two weeks I'll receive a P.E.T.-scan to determine whether or not these nodules contain active cancer or just dead cells. I suspect the latter. If they're made of dead cells my body will do its job of gradually digesting and eliminating them, which I believe is already taking place. I've been on this long road for 5 1/2 years and finally I can see not just a glimmer of light - it's more like a beacon - leading me out and onto the next leg of my journey.

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