Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cancer Free!

Really great news today. I had a PET Scan last week & saw my doctor for the results today. There were NO findings of any cancer in my body! No big surprise to me but it sure was good to hear the confirmation.

I still have these nodules, but they are diminishing & are actually dead cancer cells. Now my body has the task of dissolving and eliminating them. My oncologist is still cautious about using the word "remission" & instead says I'm doing remarkably well. I don't want to use that word either because it implies that the cancer is still lurking somewhere in my body, waiting to show itself again. Instead, I will declare now that I am cancer-free!

I will continue with my regimen that has allowed my body to heal, & with that there's no chance of a recurrence. In three months I'll have another blood test to check the tumor marker, which is now in the normal range. I think my doctor secretly expects it will go up again because he doesn't fully understand my regimen. I, on the other hand, expect the number to continually drop to zero.

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