Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Healing Rituals

I've been asked what I mean when I say that I'm focusing on healing. How does that work, and what are “healing rituals?” It's true that much of my energy is devoted to taking the best care of myself that I possibly can. In the process I've developed a shift in priorities and perspective. I no longer consider my healing rituals – which are the therapies and practices that have helped me rebuild my health - as necessary burdens that prevent me from doing other important things. What could be more important than reclaiming my health and strengthening my spirit? The daily practice of my rituals no longer has an "expiration date" that coincides with remission, and I look forward to a long, productive and healthy life enhanced by them. Aside from my plant-based diet and food preparation, here are some of my ritualistic highlights:

• 20 minutes of stretching, which releases toxins from bodily tissues.
• 5-10 minutes of daily vigorous skin brushing to remove dead skin cells and stimulate my lymphatic system.
• 20-30 minutes of rebound exercise on a mini trampoline, plus 2-minute sessions throughout the day. (Check back for my report on lymphatic cleansing with rebound exercise).
• 40 minute daily session in infrared sauna for whole body detoxification. (Check back for my report on sauna use).
• Daily affirmations and introspection (or prayer, if you will).
• Daily journal writing.
• Daily meditation.
• Deep breathing exercises several times throughout the day.

To read my report on holistic healing follow this link:
A Holistic Strategy Against Cancer

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