Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spring Cleanse - Day 6

I've reached a milestone of sorts, having made it successfully to day six! I've never fasted beyond five days before and I'm grateful that I've made it this far without too much difficulty. I was hungry when I first got up this morning but other than that it's been smooth so far.

Yesterday was tough. I was doing great early on but I physically overextended myself in the garden. I don't mean a little puttering around - I turned over the compost pile, laid some paving stones and transplanted some strawberries. After that I went to work in my studio but my head was pounding so hard I was useless. The lemonade lost its appeal and didn't do a thing for me at that point.

Needless to say I wasn't very productive with my artwork so I came home. Weak, hot, hungry and with head throbbing, the walk down a single flight of stairs and into my vehicle was a Herculean effort.

The instant I arrived home I fell onto the couch for an hour or so and all I could think of was papayas. I was so tempted to break the fast but the thought of not attaining a new threshold kept me going.

Finally feeling better I got up and took a shower, ending it with 40 seconds of ice cold water! Like a miracle, I was renewed. I slept like a baby and today I feel wonderful. I still have a white coating on my tongue which I brush two or three times a day, but that's about it so far. It should all be downhill from here!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear that you fought through the hunger and headaches. I know the feeling! As you now know, it's mind over matter. I know it's hard to think of it this way but the headache is actually a good thing. Releasing those toxins is like peeling an onion. Keep peeling those layers! There may be a lot of layers but keep peeling. The reward is worth it.

Mary Laredo said...

Thanks Russ for being supportive. -Mary

HiHoRosie said...

WTG Mary! I have not fasted that long EVER so I admire your determination and strength. It can't be easy but you are inspiring. Keep it up!