Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Health Update

Today I received my PET-scan & tumor-marker blood test results & I'm happy to report once again that there are absolutely no traces of cancer. In January my tumor marker finally dropped to 27, which is well within the normal range (0-40). Since then it's been tested again 3 times & has stayed right there at 27, until now. It just dropped another 5 points to 22! This year I've seen my oncologist's (and his staff's) concern and skepticism over my alternative path gradually give way to genuine happiness and amazement at how well I'm doing.

I'm also seeing Dr. David Brownstein - a holistic MD - who wrote the book on iodine -"Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It". He ordered tests to check my levels of vitamins, minerals, hormones & heavy metals. I also had an ultrasound of my thyroid, which is under active. Test results show that I have several deficiencies, but the good news is that I no longer have high levels of mercury or other metals. These toxins were interfering with the absorption of nutrients from food. I'm taking several new supplements to help my body in its rebuilding phase. Eventually, as my levels become more balanced I will eliminate the supplements. I believe my raw food diet is the best "building material" I can offer my body so I'm sticking with it.


figsandolives said...

hello mary. i came across your blog from your plant-based article on NaturalNews. your healing journey is an inspiration. i look forward to reading more.

HiHoRosie said...

Good for you and congrats on the new LOW numbers! So great to hear. I'm glad the natural way is working - it truly is inspirational.

Evita said...

Mary - I too found your blog from the amazing article you wrote on plant based diets on natural news. I completely believe and follow a healthy approach to diet and lifestyle and keep things as natural as possible while being a vegetarian.

I started reading through some of your article and I almost had tears in my eyes at some of your posts about your story and results. Your story is so touching and inspiring - way to go! I applaud you so much for rejecting the drugs and letting your body heal as I too have no doubt that it can do that given the right resources.

It takes guts too to do what you did as a lot of people feel like "drugs" are the safe and sure way to go, when in the end they just end up depleting the body of more of its health and vibrancy.

Based on your choices, I have no doubt that you are and will remain cancer-free for the rest of your long life that you will live out on this planet. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your healing journey, you are touching many lives but letting others see glimpses of your own.

I would live to learn more about your new supplementation.

Keep us posted! You have many people praying for you!

Welcome! said...

Congratulations Mary! This is such great news. You are such an inspiration to so many.
I have read some of your articles and then found your blog and look forward to reading more.
Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.:)

phentermine said...
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