Monday, October 27, 2008

My Body's Resilience

I spent the past four months or so creating three mosaic benches for Southwest Detroit. Here I am sitting on the "Day and Night Guitar" bench. Although I enjoyed the project immensely, it was all-consuming and made it difficult for me to take care of myself to the degree that I've been accustomed to these past few years.

My days were full from morning til evening and I gradually stopped some of my "healing rituals" because I simply had no extra time. My yoga, rebound exercise and meditation routines fell by the wayside. I wasn't getting enough sleep either. It was easy to stay on the raw food diet, but I found myself eating more than an optimal amount of nuts and seeds for quick and easy calories.

There have been subtle changes that I've noticed lately, such as having a difficult time getting up in the morning and having much less energy. I've also developed neck and lower back pain and sinus congestion. I'm now listening to my body telling me to get back with the program. I think it's also time for a seasonal cleanse.

Two days ago I resumed yoga and rebouding, and I slept quite a bit over the weekend. I've cut back on the fats and I even had a coffee enema. (For more information about enemas, read my report here ).

Already I'm feeling more like my old self. I still have the neck and back pain but I'm much less stiff. My boundless energy is back, which is proof of how our bodies can quickly recover when we resume healthy habits. I'm planning to do a seven to ten day detox soon, probably a green smoothie or juice fast.

Here are more images from the mosaic bench project:


Kelly Darke said...

these benches are absolutely beautiful! glad you're feeling better... I think I need to take up yoga or something... lower back pain - I think it started after giving Grace and Vin rides on my back! not the best idea when I'm not in great shape...

detroit dog said...

Hi Mary,

The benches as gorgeous, of course. Beautiful design.

I'm glad to read that your strength and health are good, and that you are getting back to taking the best care of yourself.

I was thinking of all the work that you do, and started thinking about your jewelry and other work, and wondered... Have you considered opening a shop on Etsy? I imagine that you would do really well on there. Check out

Hugs, and keep in touch.

-- Veronica

Mary Laredo said...

hey Veronica -
thanks for the compliments on my work. Etsy is a great site but probably not the best outlet for my stuff. I don't make jewelry anymore & I don't keep a large inventory of anything. if I ever get back to jewelry - especially chain maille - I'd consider Etsy. Hope you're doing well. - Mary

warwak said...

great work! looks like a lot of work as you stated. i like to work fast

HiHoRosie said...

Hope everything is going well for you. You're amazing!

Those benches are BEAUTIFUL! Wow! You have wonderful talent. I'd be proud to show those off if I had one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, how are you feeling these days? In reading your posts, I was very inspired by your holistic approach to healing. Are you still cancer-free? Any new insights with regards to healing since last October?

Mary Laredo said...

Hi - I'm glad to be an inspiration. I've been neglecting my blog site for quite awhile but I really intend to remedy that next week when I begin my spring cleanse. I'm still doing great, my last check-up was a couple months ago (losing track of time) & my tumor marker was at 17. Normal is 0-40. Check back next week after the holiday for an update. Thanks - Mary