Friday, October 17, 2008

Thermography Vs. Mammography: We Do Have Options

I recently had my annual thermascan and I'm happy to report that the results are normal! (There's always just the slightest bit of trepidation awaiting test results, but that will pass as I get further and further away from the cancer). This recent good report corresponds with my normal "tumor marker" blood tests and PETscans from a couple of months ago that showed no traces of cancer.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the technology, thermography is a safe, non-toxic, non-invasive, and reliable alternative to mammography. Although it's been around since the 1960s, sadly there are still too many women who are completely unaware of it.

The reasons for this are mostly political, with doctors pushing what they know and parrotting what they're told - that mammograms are the most reliable detection method available. This propoganda and misinformation spewed by the Cancer Industry is unfair and unethical at best.

Women should be informed of ALL detection options, and I will do my part to spread the word in an effort to reach as many sisters as possible about thermography. Basically, it detects heat emissions from the chest and underarm areas using an infrared camera. Abnormalites in breast tissue (and surrounding areas) emit more heat than healthy tissue, and the differences are easily detected by thermography.

If you want to become more informed read
my report on thermography and help spread the word. We most certainly do have options and we deserve to know the truth!

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detroit dog said...

Hi Mary,

I'm so glad to read that you are still doing well.

Is Thermography akin to the "full body scan" that was getting a lot of press last summer? Do you know how insurance companies handle this? Or how easily accessible it is in the Detroit area? (Where to get it done, or can we ask our GYN to refer us?).


-- Veronica