Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Overview of Healing - Part II

The greatest success of my natural healing journey is obviously the reversal of stage IV metastatic breast cancer. The cancer was the result of imbalances within my internal terrain and while I'm ecstatic with how far I've come to correct those imbalances I still have plenty of work to do.

My body is still rebuilding and I'm helping it along with supplements for a variety of deficiencies. Last year I had mercury amalgam fillings removed from my mouth. These fillings were more than 25 years old and I believe the vapors they emitted contributed to my body's toxicity and inability to absorb all the nutrients from my food, resulting in mineral deficiencies. Simple pH testing revealed an acidic environment. This has been corrected & my morning pH test is consistently at 6.8 - 7.0, which indicates an alkaline body.

The supplements I take are NatureThroid for an underactive thyroid; Vitamin D for a severe deficiency; Lugol's solution for an iodine deficiency; B-12 injections twice weekly; MSM to fight inflamation; silica to strengthen my weak nails and ionic trace minerals added to my distilled water. I take these consistently and this may change as my regimen has evolved quite a lot over the past few years. Eventually I intend to get everything I need from my food, once my body has rebuilt to that point.

The most preplexing health issue remains the condition of my eyes. They are still chronically dry, itchy and a bit sunken-in. I wear two pairs of sunglasses on bright days because I simply can't bear the light hitting my eyes. It seems the cause is the small nodules inside my lower lids which have clogged my oil glands. There has been some minor improvement but I still have a ways to go. I've been taking the MSM for about two months or so to help reduce the inflamation.

In this picture you can see the puffiness in my lower lids and how my eyes are sunken-in.

As for my energy and overall sense of well being I have no complaints whatsoever. I feel extremely fortunate to have such health and happiness. Of course there are days when I'm "off" - especially when I'm working too much and sleeping too little, but most days I feel what I would call euphoria - completely content and vibrant. Imagine what I'll be like when my eyes have returned to normal and my deficiencies have been met! Wow, I'm excited just thinking about it! So I'll keep at it and I'll continue to post periodic updates.


Amanda said...

You look fabulous! I'm so happy you're doing well. Thank you for the update. I will keep checking in with you.

HiHoRosie said...

I think you look fabulous too! Thanks for sharing your continued success of being cancer-free and your healthy journey. yay raw foods! :)

Anonymous said...

Mary, you look fantastic! I was wondering if I could email you with some questions- I think I'm ready to take the plunge with the master cleanse 1 day a week but I do have questions about that and about what you typically eat. Thanks for your help!! You are a HUGE inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah- my email is

cynthia said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, it is uplifting and encouraging (my mother is battling cancer as we speak and I am trying to get her to try alternative therapies). As for your dry, irritated, sunken eyes: I had this problem for years and it turned out to be a candida overgrowth as well as an allergy wheat, dairy and corn. When I eat these foods, the sunken dark circles and dry itchy eyes come back immediately. You may find that if you do an elimination diet, you can pinpoint the offending food. The fact that your fasting days provide relief from the problem would be in line with that type of issue. You may be eating too much fruit or juicing too much (the sugar, even natural sugar, could be aggravating candida or causing a reaction). Hope this helps and good luck in your recovery. My positive thoughts are with you!

Mary Laredo said...

Cynthia - thanks for your helpful suggestions. I have suspected the cause of my sunken, dry eyes to stem from my severe Vit D deficiency &/or hypothyroidism. I've addressed those issues & have had gradual improvement to my eye condition. Your comments are timely because I've been wondering lately about my fruit intake & planned to change my diet to see if there would be further improvement. I agree with the theory that fruit combined with fats leads to yeast overgrowth, and that it's not the fruit alone that's the problem. I feel best when I eat a lot of fruit and little if any fat. That's been a tough diet for me to sustain, although cutting back or eliminating fruit for awhile seems easier than reducing fat to 10% or less of my diet. I'm going to try that for awhile and see what happens. Thanks again for your suggestion. Good luck with your mother I hope she'll be receptive to some alternative therapies. Best - Mary

Mary Laredo said...
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Jim said...

You have done a remarkable job with your healing and nutrition. Even better, you have documented it to inspire others!

I am healing myself of type 2 diabetes through raw and vegan food, as well as exercise. It is a daily battle.

Keep up the good work!

To Your Health!
James Reno