Saturday, February 27, 2010

Juice Feast Days 3&4

I'm finding that consuming 3 quarts of juice in addition to my regular 4 oz. of daily wheatgrass is a lot to ingest. I left the house today & forgot to take my juices with me. I was gone for about 3 hours & drank water only. I did get hungry but I've yet to experience a nagging hunger. When I got home I drank 12 oz & that was it for the day. I'm not the slightest bit hungry & I still have a quart of juice in the fridge.

The strangest thing I've experienced in these 4 days is the massive amounts of mucus that my body is expelling, mostly from my left nostril. (Sorry if that's too graphic, but there will undoubtedly be alot more of that as I document this cleanse). It's as if there's an endless reservoir in my ear canal trying to find its way out. Today I used the neti pot which helped things along, & just when I thought I was through blowing my nose, my right nostril started releasing. I didn't even know that my ears were blocked, but I can feel them open & then block-up again, so there's apparently more to come.

Just as the neti pot helped me eliminate, I've also been doing enemas as part of the juice feasting protocol. I can't say that they're as productive however. Daily enemas are recommended during the first week only, then less often as I start taking cascara sagrada, an herbal laxative to keep things moving out.

I'm just about out of vegetables & will have to re-stock tomorrow, less than 1 week into the cleanse. I think even more challenging than giving up solid foods for so long will be keeping enough produce on hand. I'll just have to plan well & I'm sure I'll get my groove & it'll go smoothly - at least if these first 4 days are any indication.

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