Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Juice Feast - Days 13&14

I've made it through two weeks of juice feasting and I think I should continue a bit longer. My eyes burned and watered a few nights in a row, and the past couple of days were tough. Yesterday they were a little better, last night they didn't burn at all & so far today they're not too bad. Now they're pretty much the way they were before the flare-up, so I don't know if any healing was actually taking place or not. Still, I think it's too soon to stop the feast. Maybe another week or two will help.

I do enjoy experimenting with different juices combinations. So far today I've had 1quart of water; 4oz. wheatgrass juice; 8 oz. fresh coconut water mixed with Greener Grasses powder; 8 oz spinach/romaine/carrot juice; 1 tbsp. bee pollen with 1/2 tbsp coconut oil, & I'm about to drink a pint of celery/apple/spinach/ginger juice. And it's still early.

Even though I feel completely nourished with all the juices and have no hunger, I've lost 5 pounds during these two weeks. This is called a "feast" for a reason and doesn't feel like a reducing diet, although pounds are bound to be shed as toxins are released along with the fat that they're stored in. I'm quite happy to lose this excess "winter weight".

My observations for the first 2 weeks:

Hunger: little to none
Degree of difficulty with juice feast: not difficult once the juices are made
Eye condition: from bad to worse to bad again
Neck nodules: unchanged
Exercise: moderate rebounding most days, some yoga
Other pain or healing crisis: none
Elimination: good
Energy: excellent
Weight lost: 5 pounds
Sleep: deep, but not enough

Stress level/activities/workload: Extremely busy, hectic pace
Frame of mind: possitive/optimistic, though sometimes anxious due to
multiple projects and deadlines
Other: vivid dreams; desire to play guitar again & have done so for nearly a week!

This feels like an experiment that I really want to experience, so I will hang in for at least another week.


HiHoRosie said...

So awesome! Glad to know it's going so well and kudos on the guitar playing. Hope the next week of juicing is even better.

Ken Hall said...

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