Sunday, March 14, 2010

Juice feast, Days 15 - 18

I've gotten through 18 days successfuly and am doing really well on day 19. It's amazing how I have absolutely no hunger whatsoever and plenty of energy. It's cold and drizzly today but early Spring seems to be the right time of the year to do the feast since I'm so busy in the warmer months with outdoor projects and gardening. This is a pretty busy time of year also as I prepare for the upcoming work. I'm trying not to burn out and so far I'm managing everything pretty well. In the upcoming weeks I'll be working with my partner Vito on our community art project "Adopt-A-Site" . Somehow I'll find time for my gardens, which have top priority since I grow much of my food in the summer months.
So looking forward to being in the garden...
Here's my Senor looking out the front window at our perennials.

I experienced an unexpected breakthrough in my yoga practice a couple of days ago. One of the poses I've been working on sporadically is a "bound side angle", which is a tough stretch where, as I'm twisted, I try to hold hands with myself behind my back. The best I've been able to do is to get my fingers close to touching, but nowhere near holding hands. Well, without even thinking about it I got ito the pose and reached one arm around, my hand searching for the other, and they touched and then clasped! It's hard to explain the pose, (maybe I'll get Vito to take a picture), and needless to say I was thrilled to have acheived this minor milestone. I think the cleansing has helped with my flexibilty and I'm looking forward to more improvements.

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