Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spring Cleanse - Day 3

Yesterday was as smooth as day 1, I'm happy to report. The evenings seem to be when I experience the most hunger, but last night it was easy to ignore. I even made nori rolls and sweet potatoe soup for my partner Vito, and I wasn't at all tempted to taste any of it. I've always loved to cook and even after going raw we continue to prepare some of our favorite dishes, making raw versions for myself. I no longer taste to see if the seasonings are right; instead, I trust my sense of smell as I take in the aromas. It works like a charm.

I believe the raw diet has helped me get through the first 2 days of this fast so effortlessly. That and the fact that I'm mentally prepared, although that hasn't always worked for me in the past.

So far I'm doing really well - no hunger at all this morning. The first three days of the fast are typically the toughest, so I'm not sure what to expect as the day progresses. I've been very busy without doing anything too strenuous and drinking a gallon of the lemonaide keeps me satiated. As soon as I feel hungry I drink a tall glass of it and I'm fine.

Today it will finally warm up to 74 degrees, so that should put an end to the chills I get from fasting. I may post again today if the fast becomes more difficult. Writing should help me tough it out. I remain possitive that today will go well.

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HiHoRosie said...

Sending positive thoughts your way!